ВСЕ, что надо знать про устную часть ЕГЭ

Часть 3.

Образец описания:

I’ve chosen photo number 3.
1️⃣ Вступление
As you know, I have been attached to photography since I first held a camera in my hands. Here is one of my favourite photos in this album.

2️⃣ Where and when the photo was taken
I took this photograph when my friend and I were visiting a vet last weekend. We had to take her dog there because he didn’t play and spend most of his day lying and whining. My friend wasn’t sure what difficulties this trip might involve, so she asked me to accompany her.

3️⃣ What/who is in the photo
In this photo you can see my friend with her dog and the vet who turned out to be very professional. They are at the vet’s office. The room seems exceptionally clean and bright due to the white colour prevailing in the interior and a big open window.

4️⃣ What is happening
In the foreground on the right  you see the vet finishing the examination of my friend’s pet dog. They all seem very happy because they are smiling. My friend feels relieved as the vet has just explained the problem which has appeared to be minor.

5️⃣ Why you keep the photo in your album
I keep this photo in my album because I had never been to the vet’s clinic before I went there with my friend. Besides, our visit brought us joy and happiness, so I wanted to keep happy memories about it.

6️⃣ Why you decided to show the picture to your friend
I decided to show it to you because you also have a pet dog and one day you may need to consult a vet. So, I recommend you this clinic because they price reasonably and their staff proved to be very professional.

That’s all I wanted to tell you.