Сказка «Жил был пёс» Сказка «Жил был пёс»
Once there was a dog Очень милая украинская сказка. Я не смогла удержаться, чтобы не перевести её на английский. Когда Саше было года два,... Сказка «Жил был пёс»

Once there was a dog

Очень милая украинская сказка. Я не смогла удержаться, чтобы не перевести её на английский. Когда Саше было года два, это была одна из его самых любимых сказок. Замечательно, что есть такой мультфильм. Обязательно покажите его малышу и не забудьте прокомментировать происходящее на экране.

жил был пёс 375на219Once upon a time one man had a dog called Sharick. It was a watch-dog. They also went hunting together. But when he grew old, Sharick was driven away.

So the poor dog went out of the village gate, lay under a bush and shut his eyes. At this time a wolf came out of the woods and was surprised to see the dog lying motionless on the ground. «What’s the matter with you, old fellow?» said the wolf. «My masters have driven me away as I am too old to be their watch-dog.»

The wolf felt sorry for the dog and said: «Though you used to chase me, I will help you to cope with this problem. Tomorrow your masters will go into the field with their baby. You will hide in the bushes and I will hide at the border of the woods. As soon as the people turn away from the baby I will snatch him and dash to the woods. Here you will rush to me and pretend to bite me. When I leave the baby, you will carry him to your masters.

Next day everything happened as it had been planned. As soon as the women saw the wolf loping with their baby to the woods, they began to squeal. Sharick jumped out of the bushes, attacked the kidnapper and pretended to fight and to bite him. Only when he noticed the master rushing to help him, Sharick let the wolf go.

Back came the man with the baby. «From now on,» he said, «I will feed this dog as long as he lives.» And peasant women praised Sharick: «Such a brave dog! He’s got the better of such a big wolf!» From that day on the dog had a full life that he had never had before. Once he came to the wolf and said: «My masters are having a great feast today. As it gets dark, come to me, I will hide you under the table and you will eat and drink your fill.

No sooner said that done. So the wolf sat under the table and the dog fetched him the tastiest scratch meals. When he got full, the wolf became cheerful. The guests started to sing. «Now», said the wolf «I will sing.» «No,no,» — protested Sharick. «Be quiet.» But not. First the wolf started to howl quietly then with all his voice. Peasant women started to squeal. Men jumped onto their feet grabbing pokers and oven forks. But the master did let them. «You by chance can hurt my dog» — he shouted. «He will get the better of the wolf without you.» At that moment Sharick was pushing his guest to the door growing as if in fury.

From that day on the masters always boasted of their brave dog. And they fed him to satiety. So Sharick did not remember when he had last gone hungry. And he never forgot his friend. Though he did not invite the wolf to the house any more but he often visited him and brought him tasty scratch meals on holidays.


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