Сказка про Машу и Трёх Медведей


Goldilocks and Three Bears

Отличная сказка для чтения перед сном. Прочитав её своему малышу несколько раз, Вы без труда сможете рассказывать её наизусть, лёжа в постели. Я бывало успевала несколько раз задремать, пока рассказывала эту сказку своему первому сыночку.  И либо ловила сама себя на мысли, что говорю не то, либо Саша напоминал мне, что нужно сказать. :-) В преамбулу сказки про лес, в котором жила семья медведей, можно добавить любых животных, птиц, насекомых, которые знает Ваш малыш. И, наконец, сказка…

Once upon a time there was a very deep dark forest. There were lots of animals there: hares, mice, foxes, wolves and, of course, bears. There was one family of three bears who lived in a little house in the middle of the forest.There was big Daddy bear, medium-sized Mummy bear and little Baby bear.

One morning Mummy bear made a big pot of porridge and put it into three bowls. She put a lot of porridge into Daddy bear’s bowl, she put less porridge into her medium-sized bowl and she put a little porridge into Baby bear’s bowl. But the porridge was too hot to eat. So Daddy bear said: «Let’s go for our early morning walk. And by the time we come back it will be just all right. So off they went for a walk leaving their front door open.

Nearby there lived a very naughty little girl called Goldilocks. That very morning she was passing the three bears’ house and noticed that the door was open. She wanted to look inside. As soon as she came up to the door and smelt something tasty she  remembered that she was hungry so she came in. First she ate some porridge out of big Daddy bear’s bowl but the porridge was still too hot. Then she ate some out of medium-sized Mummy’s bowl but the porridge was too lumpy. Then she ate some out of Baby bear’s bowl. It was neither hot nor lumpy. It was just all right. So she ate up every spoonful.

After that Goldilocks felt tired and decided to sit down. But big Daddy bear’s chair was too high. Next she sat in medium-sized Mummy bear’s chair. It was too hard. At last she found little Baby bear’s chair. It was neither too high nor too hard. It was just all right. But Goldilocks was too heavy for it. And suddenly, bump. The leg of the chair broke and she landed on the floor. «Well, really!» she said crossly, «I’ve had such a shock. I shall have to lie down.»

So Goldilocks went upstairs. There she found three beds. First she tried big Daddy bear’s bed. It was too big. Then she tried medium-sized Mummy bear’s bed. It was too soft. At last she found little Baby bear’s bed. It was neither too big nor too soft. It was just all right. Goldilocks snugged into it and fell fast asleep.

Before long the three bears came home from their walk. They were hungry. But when they washed their hands and got to the table, Daddy bear cried out in surprise: «Somebody has been eating my porridge.» «And somebody has been eating my porridge», said Mummy bear. «I wonder why they did not like it.» «They must have liked mine!» cried Baby bear holding his empty bowl. «Somebody has been eating my porridge and they have eaten it all up!»

«Look!» said Daddy bear. «Somebody has been sitting in my chair.»
«And somebody has been sitting in my chair», said Mummy bear. «And somebody has been sitting in my chair, too», sobbed poor Baby bear. «And they have broken it.»

три медведя 2 339на235The three bears started to search the house. They went upstairs. Daddy bear looked around and said: «Somebody has been sleeping in my bed.» «Somebody has been sleeping in my bed», said Mummy bear. «And somebody has been sleeping in my bed and she is still here», cried Baby bear.

At the sound of Baby bear’s voice Goldilocks woke up. The first thing she saw was Daddy bear looking very cross. Goldilocks jumped up in fright. She ran down the stairs and out of the house as fast as she could. «I do not think she will trouble us again,» said Daddy bear smiling. And she never did.

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